Ice Cream Cakes

Häagen-Dazs ice-cream cakes have arrived, so you can now indulge in the best of both worlds. Are you ready?

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Disney Theme Cakes

Big fan of Disney? Here at Häagen-Dazs we offer you an array of Disney Theme Cakes that you will not want to miss!

Frozen 2 Olaf

Revel in our classic vanilla and chocolate ice-cream coated in blue icing to make your everyday an extraordinary adventure with Olaf.

Frozen 2 Elsa

Embark on your journey into the unknown with Elsa as you indulge in our signature velvety vanilla and chocolate ice cream.

Minnie Mouse

One of our sweetest, fun-loving and extremely beautiful cake – velvety chocolate ice-cream cake made with real cream and milk. Specially made for our fans, like yourself.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Meet the stars of the year, just like our classic velvety Vanilla and Strawberry ice-cream. You’re welcome.



There is a kid in every adult. Unleash the child in you with our signatures.

Forest Friends

Sharing is caring. Our adorable and irresistible Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry ice-cream animal-character cubes coated in chocolate with fresh cream will leave your friends wanting for more.


Who says you need an occasion to have ice cream and cake? Dig in.

Love Moment

Fall in love with us as you indulge in our Strawberry ice cream layered with Belgian Chocolate. And did we mention Strawberry glaze? Yes, you heard that right.

Chocolate Curls

If you are a Chocoholic, check out our lavish Chocolate and Cookies & Cream ice-cream cake with caramelized hazelnuts, chocolate crumble, mixed berries and a tangle of tempting chocolate curls. Can you resist?

Enchanting Symphony

Be enchanted with our luscious Belgian Chocolate ice-cream dressed in smooth cream and decorated with fresh fruits and chocolate seashells.


Celebratory Moments

Celebrate every joyous occasion with us as we take you into a world of magical indulgence.

Paris At Night

Just like the city of love, indulge in our Macadamia Nut ice-cream cake, coated in crunchy chocolate with a splash of gold reminiscent of an enchanting night in Paris.


Beautiful tiers of Mango Sorbet, Raspberry Sorbet and Vanilla ice-cream, circled with smooth white chocolate, crowned with luscious berries. Can you resist?

Rose Whisper

Fall in love with the romantic masterpiece duo of Vanilla and Strawberry ice cream, wrapped with a quilted pink chocolate sheet that will leave you wanting more.

Perfect Gift

Can’t decide on the perfect gift? Our rich chocolate ice-cream coated with silky chocolate spray, with a touch of gold drizzled chocolate is the perfect gift for you and your loved ones.